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breast cancer awareness month

The Big Pink

On Thursday 5th October the whole Cavity team went pink for Breast Cancer Care! This is a charity close to our hearts and we had great fun doing The Big Pink. We've raised over £300 for far with more to come in. A huge thank you to everyone who has got involved and donated money. If you want to go pink this October then check out the Breast Cancer Care website for...

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hp dental

Nafeesa- Dental Volunteer

We are very proud to hear that one of our Cavity dental nurses Nafeesa has selflessly volunteered to help the Health Point Foundation in Greece! We want to help spread the word for Nafeesa and help her raise some money. Here is what Nafeesa has to say: ‘My name is Nafeesa and I’ve been working as a Cavity dental nurse for a few months now. I became a dental nurse volunteer for the Health...

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Nicola 2

10 Reasons Why Working as a Cavity Locum is Awesome!

Have you ever thought about becoming a locum dental nurse? Are you looking for a change of scenery? Bored of office politics? We are always on the look out for skilled dental nurses to join our team and here are 10 Reasons why working as a Cavity locum is awesome: 1. Variety- One day you could be in prison and the next day you could be working in a high end private practice only seeing one...

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Locum Dental Nurse

Locum Dental Nurse Testimonials

Have you ever thought of becoming an locum dental nurse? Take a look at what our staff have to say: 'I have worked at Cavity for over two years now and it was the best thing I ever did. There's so much variety everyday so I never get bored and love the fact that practices are so happy to see a Cavity locum dental nurse walk through there door. It feels so good to be appreciated. I never...

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Contact 2

National Smile Month 2015

We have had great fun at Cavity promoting National Smile Month! In the office we do not have any patient contact but you can be damn sure that all our friends and family have had some excellent oral health education. We have also encouraged all of our dental nurses to get involved too. If you take a look at our about us page then you will see we have changed all our staff photos to smiley...

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tooth fairy

The Life of a Locum Dental Nurse

So below is my first of many blog posts for Cavity Dental Staff... Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a Locum Dental Nurse? Ever thought you'd like to do it but are unsure of whether or not you could? If you have, then read on! I'm a Tooth Fairy (it's what we Cavity Nurses are called.....cute huh?!) and have been for...

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