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Inclusivity on Mother’s Day with #weseeamum

7th Mar 2024
inclusivity on mothers day

As the much-anticipated Mother’s Day approaches on Sunday, March 10th, it’s a time for many of us to express our gratitude, love, and appreciation for the incredible work that mothers do within our families. Traditionally marked by the exchange of heartfelt cards and thoughtful gifts, families often gather to share a special Sunday lunch or engage in similar celebrations to honor this significant day.

Mother's Day is not a joyous occassion for everyone

For some, it can evoke mixed emotions and serve as a stark reminder of strained and complex family relationships, making it challenging to fully embrace the festivities.

Moreover, for those who have lost their mothers or children, it can be an especially poignant and difficult time. Acknowledging this, the campaign #weseeamum by the charity Tommys aims to inclusively celebrate all mothers this Mother's Day, even those who cannot physically be with their babies.

To learn more about this inspiring campaign, visit:

Join our We See A Mum campaign this Mother’s Day | Tommy's


In recognition of the diverse range of emotions that Mother's Day can evoke, Cruse Bereavement has created specific support materials for those who may find this day particularly challenging.

To access these resources, read more here: Grieving on Mother's Day | Cruse Bereavement Support


Choose kindness

While we celebrate and express our love, it's crucial to remain mindful of those who may be navigating their own unique journey during Mother's Day weekend. Not all struggles are visible, and this awareness calls for a little extra compassion and understanding.


This weekend, let's make a conscious effort to spread more smiles, hold doors open, and extend acts of kindness. In small actions lies the power to make a big difference—choose kindness this Mother's Day.


For additional resources that may offer support and guidance during this time, explore our Cavity Health & Wellbeing Resource Hub: Health & Wellbeing Resources Archive - Cavity Dental Staff Agency


Wishing everyone a Mother's Day filled with love, understanding, and compassion.