Fit Testing Products

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GVS Masks – S/M or M/L ½ price – £15.00

Stealth Masks – S/M or M/L ½ price – £15.00

GVS carry Cases – £6.50

Stealth Carry cases – £6.50

3M – 8833 Masks – £1.50 each – 20 for £25.00

3M  – 1863 Masks – £1.00 each – 20 – £17.50

3M Fit Test kits –  ½ price @ £65.00

All prices include VAT & postage –  We will send invoice for all orders and then will be dispatched once paid for.

Fit2Fit accredited RPE fit test providerProduct Quality & Recall Policy
Cavity undertakes to supply only safety equipment and related services that fully comply with the standards and regulations and claims made relating to those products and related services. Where appropriate, Cavity will maintain up to date technical files and associated documentation to ensure that regulatory compliance information can be supplied upon request. We source products from external organisations which hold technical files relating to the products being offered, we will request confirmation that these files are current, complete, contain appropriate conformity assessment information and, where relevant, regulatory compliance certificates and will take all necessary steps to confirm the validity of the compliance documentation held by that external supplier in respect of the products being sourced. Where services are provided related to safety equipment sourced from external organisations, we will maintain approval from the manufacturer that the services provided are assessed and approved by the external organisation. Our full Quality Management policy is available on request.We maintain a full product recall policy with batch/lot numbers to provide complete product traceability. Complying with BSIF standards PAS7100.


We have the following masks and accessories for sale:

Fit Test Kits

Fit Testing Products
3M Fit Test Kit