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Empowering Women in the Industry: An Exclusive Q&A with Janine King

8th Mar 2024
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8th March is International Women’s Day. We had the pleasure of sitting down with a true Cavity legend: Managing Director Janine King. She stands as an integral part of our organization, contributing to the seamless and efficient daily operations of our business and representing strength and resilience of women everywhere. Enjoy our Q&A with Janine.

How did it feel being asked to participate in Cavity’s “International Women’s Day” Q&A?

JK: Very flattering & very unexpected!


What advice did you receive early in your career that has stayed with you?

JK:I remember always being told that if you work hard in life, you will always do ok… advice that I have now passed on to my own children.


Your role within the company is Managing Director, can you tell us about your journey with Cavity from when you started?

JK: I joined Cavity in 2007 as a locum dental nurse.  I was a mum with a young child, so locum life suited me well.  I always felt I had a good relationship with Sharon & as the business started to get busier, she was looking for help in the office, which at the time was Sharons back bedroom!!  We eventually got so busy that all my time was spent in the office.  I think that having been with the company for so long, knowing every aspect of how the company works and gaining Sharon’s trust and belief in me has led me to naturally progress to where I am today.


You have been with Cavity for many years, in that time what have you been most proud of?

JK: The biggest challenges, the tough stuff that you must face in management.  Getting through those is when I feel really proud of myself.


What does international women’s Day mean to you?

JK: It is an honour that women are celebrated in this way.  I really do feel that women do today get the recognition that they deserve.


Which female figures have you found inspiring and have perhaps been a role model for you?

JK: I have worked with a number of wonderful female colleagues over the years who I have observed and learned from.  It is amazing the knowledge pick up with experience.  Working with people & listening to people is the best education you can have to be successful.


What kind of influence do you strive to have on your female colleagues around you?

JK: I do hope that my colleagues in the business see me as a very fair & trustworthy person.  I would like to think that the staff feel they are well looked after & that this in turn will influence them to give their best for the company as I do.


What advice would you give to women trying to establish their professional careers?

JK: I think sometimes today people want to have everything too fast.  Be patient.  If you join a business take your time to establish yourself.  Give people time to see your qualities, they will be noticed and eventually rewarded.


What main change would you like to see for young girls in the next generation?

JK: I think that it is important that both young girls & boys equally are given encouragement and taught to believe in themselves that no matter what their aspirations are if they work hard and strive for it, it will be achievable.  Teach people from young to believe in themselves.


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