Cavity Dental Staff Blog

The Fight for Fit Testing

20th Jul 2020

About two months ago we jumped head first into the world of fit testing and all it had to offer us as an Agency, and all dental professionals across the industry.

Whilst we had not had the intention of going into the business of buying and selling masks, nor providing the additional service of fit testing outside of the Agency, we can certainly say it has been an enthusiastic learning curve and adaptation of our business.

We have embarked on training and certifying all of our Area Managers, and have started the process to become accredited. We have been making our way across the country in a short space of time getting our locums fit tested and prepared for this new normal in Dentistry. Our clients now have the peace of mind and reassurance that they can continue building up their businesses and booking in treatments again without the worry of not meeting the new PPE requirements. We have provided each of our dental staff with their own fit tested and certified masks to ensure they can walk in to your practice prepared and ready to assist..

We can provide you with a pandemic prepared, gold standard, Cavity locum eager to save the day!

You can read more about how we are prepared in our Covid-19 policy here.

Whilst fit testing our staff has been an incredible success thanks to our tireless team of some 20 fit testers, we realised we were not finished there! We recognised the problem practices were facing in needing to get their staff fit tested and fast, so we opened our fit test service to Dental Practice and professionals alike.

Our Head Office hosts sessions every Tuesday and Thursday and of course if you’re further afield, we can come to you! Each test takes around 30 minutes - face fit dependent. With a selection of readily available disposable and reusable masks, we aim to have something to fit everyone!

Respirator fit testing in the 1930’s was somewhat different!


Today, the test still includes several contraptions, and of course no test is complete without a variety of those FFP3 masks.  While the 3M 1863 and 8833 disposable masks are a popular choice for fit testing, the 3M 4251+ and the GVS P3 RD reusable respirators are now the main kids on the block.

We have 3M 1863 and 3M 8833 masks to purchase as well as limited stock on the 3M 4251+ and GVS. Get in touch here for more information.