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"Charlotte is a fantastic nurse & has been a great help (god send) through this difficult time.

She is always on time/early and her attention to detail is fantastic. If she can and is available anytime I require a Cavity nurse I would be more than happy to have her work here.

I'd also like to give some feedback on Tatiana, can I say she has been great, she works so hard when she is here & is more than happy to roll her sleeves up and get on with any task/job. She offers to help out when/if there are any quiet periods and has been great during this difficult time.

Many Thanks,

Kylee "

Kylee, Cheltenham

"How amazing is Hannah!! All your ladies pick things up quick, but Hannah is very positive, and a real help. We love having her here!


Sarah @ Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

"Jess is an absolute credit to your company. Obviously you know the stresses of being short staffed but when we called to check who we had booked last week all the anxiety of this week disappeared when I was told Jess would be with us.
She has come to our practice and slotted straight in to the role. She is efficient and reliable as well as being a lovely person. She is consistent in her nursing. Each of our Dentists are happy to work with her as they know that she is a competent and meets the needs of each Dentist she works with.
I have no concerns or worries with how I will keep on top of Decon or ensure that each Dentist has what they need as Jess just does what needs to be done without having to be asked. From the day she started coming here, she has noted how we run as a practice and does her upmost to uphold this.
I know I speak for everybody at the practice when I say what a pleasure it is to have Jess work with us!


Hannah @ River Dental, Stockbridge

"We had Jagjit today and I would like to request her for all future bookings. She is brilliant, just gets on with everything. Wonderful with patients and has excellent patient care. We would like to have her all the time, she is a fantastic nurse!"

Jo @ Parkside Dental, Wolverhamtpon

"The staff at Head Office are doing an amazing job. Sharon has done amazing in keeping the company going. The stress of keeping us in our jobs, keeping us staff employed and safe in this crazy time. I would just like to thank everyone that is working hard to get us back up and running"

Amanda, Neath

"We would like to say thank you so much for sending Sarah and Sonia over today for our fit testing session. They were fantastic, very supportive (had a few very apprehensive staff) reassuring, friendly and a credit to your company. Thank you.

A Dental Practice, Cheshire

"Sara & Jasmine recently attended my practice to complete fit testing on me and my team and I found the whole experience very professional and very informative. I was watching both Sara and Jasmine and learnt so much from them. They are both lovely and very professional ladies and I felt comfortable with the fit test. Thank you."

Tanya from Sheffield

"Thank you so much for your support. Cavity has always maintained a great level of providing locums to the Dept and I hope they enjoy coming here too. You are all so helpful and accommodating, once again a big thank you.


Joyce Krah - John Radcliffe Hospital

"Just to say what a lovely group of nurses you sent to us today. Megan did really well considering she has never worked in hospital before. Charlene is lovely and fantastic in orthodontics and as always Siobhan is just so efficient and helpful we love her!

Would be delighted to have any of them back again.

Kirsty - Stoke Mandeville Hospital

"Siobhán’s excellent help at Huntercombe and for me personally at Aylesbury today. There had been an issue with security audits in healthcare and Siobhán’s professionalism and loyal support and problem solving abilities were first class today and I wanted you to have sight of my gratitude to her for this. "

Rob, Time for Teeth Aylesbury

"She wanted to say all the nurses we have sent her have been absolutely amazing. She is really impressed at not only how good the nurses are but also the seamless service we provide. "

Louise, Face Space - Hereford

"Sophie is an amazing nurse with a wonderful personality. Very charming with patients too. "

Kingston Ortho

"The nurses and all the office team are always helpful."

Southend Ortho

"Uma is efficient, polite and a pleasure to work with, she found jobs to do and asked for tasks during her time in practice (due to a lengthy cancellation) and agreed to work over her allotted finish time due to change with patient proposed treatment."

Forge Dental Practice

"Erica is a lovely smiley person and experienced nurse, nothing is too much trouble for her! She ensures our patients have the best experience they can whilst attending treatment and is a joy to have as part of our team; even if it is only temporary. She is certainly a credit to your agency."

Forge Dental Practice

"Mhairi is a fantastic nurse, always professional, she fits in well, the dentists and the team in general enjoy working with her"

IDH Eastbourne

"We had Lenka today and she is really lovely, good with the patients with a very good work ethic."

Lesley, Specialist Dental Partners Melbourn

"Nurse are friendly and very experienced. Bookings are easy and straightforward. Very efficient. Great experience."

Rodericks Dental

"It was a pleasure to have this meeting at the Cavity Dental Staff Agency. Great meeting room, excellent equipment, delicious lunch and super-friendly staff. We will certainly return here."

Erik, Blueprint Management Consultants

"I just want to let you know that Zuzana is a credit to your company!!!!!!!!!!
We have had the worst day ever and Zuzana just cracked on with it all morning. I cannot thank her enough. I know most people like to complain so that's why I am writing this because the girl is amazing and should be acknowledged. Thank you Cavity.

Kirsty, mydentist, Surbiton

"Aaron is a fabulous nurse and has also gone above his duties when in the practice, by letting me know if we’re low on stock/materials and just been generally so helpful. He is an asset to Cavity!


Kizzy, PM at IDH Tavistock

"We had Mazine with us and she was great, any gap she got I saw her helping the only receptionist, she printed out my medical histories for me in the morning AND afternoon and brought them to my surgery. She helped out in decon and I even saw her sorting out all the paperwork for the nurse that was in surgery today. She literally didn't stop all day and on top of that she always had a smile on her face and was just an all round lovely girl. Thank you Cavity. "

Charlotte, Halton Dental Practice

"Yesterday, we had one of your nurses over named Lauren. I would just like to say how fantastic she was! She was lovely with the staff the patients and the Dentist she worked with had a lovely day with her. She helped with instruments throughout the day as we are central Decon and went out of her way to help the other nurses. Such a pleasure to have her at our practice she’s a lovely girl. Would have her anytime. Thank you for sending her. "

Kelly, {My Dentist} Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood, Bristol

"Fiona is great, she is so helpful and goes above and beyond to help everyone while she is in the practice. Thank you Cavity.


Kate, (IDH) {My Dentist} Herne Bay

"Maxine is brilliant, she has knowledge and has settled in really well considering she has not been to the practice before.
Cavity - you’re a life saver!

Janice, Rowtree Dental Care

"Huge praise for Jessica, she was booked on the day, arrived and was delightful to work with. I have never worked with such a cheerful or willing temp Nurse, the clinic ran late and she never grumbled just kept on going, I am very grateful.
Big thanks to Cavity!!

Imran, Tooting Bec Dental

"Thank you so very much – your nurses are exceptional!"

Alyson, Lander Dentistry

"The Cavity Nurses we've had were professional, polite, capable and lovely to work with, thank you.


Abi, May House Dental Practice

"The cavity nurse we had on Friday Layla, I believe, was exceptional!

The comments from the Dentist who worked with her that day was that she worked as though she had worked at the practice for a long time. She did not slow him down or require much attention from him in order to nurse at chair side. Motivated, energetic and confident in her own ability to a professional level.

The Practice Manager said she was extremely pleasant and helpful to work around and helpful to the nursing team!

I congratulate you on finding a Cavity nurse that represents your company perfectly.

I also forgot to mention, our last booking we had Shannon, she nursed for our therapist on a day we had a CQC inspection. I genuinely believe I’d have probably cancelled a list of patients on that day had we not known the benefit of your Cavity nurses.


Lisa, Wolstanton Dental Practice

"I have worked for Cavity as a locum Dental Nurse for the past 4 years and I absolutely love my job! Cavity offer great rates of pay and travel expenses as well as other perks, such as free CPD and a Love To Shop card which is topped up each month. Currently I work full time, I’m rarely without work and there’s added security knowing I have flexibility should I ever need time off. My Area Manager is fantastic and always to hand for any queries. I wish I had joined Cavity sooner!


Kimberley, Hampshire

"Cavity has a solid foundation providing professional and diligent locum Dental Nurses to general practices, prisons and hospitals. . I enjoy meeting different people and developing new friendships at various different practices. . I feel supported by a great Area Manager. No 2 days are the same being a locum. And finally - but very importantly - the financial rewards are AMAZING."

Caroline, Surrey

"I have been with Cavity around a year now, and it has been the happiest decision of the last 10 years of my career as a Dental Nurse. Finally receiving a wage, I feel justifies all the responsibility and training us Nurses undertake, is the perfect motivation to give work your all. And knowing I can pick up the phone and chat with any of the staff at HO or my Area Manager is always comforting. Nothing is ever too much trouble, such a lovely bunch of ladies.


Abigail, Nottingham

"Well where do I start with the perks of working with Cavity? The Bookings Team in HQ are great, so friendly and helpful and work really hard every day to book us Nurses up! I love the fact that you're in a different place one day to the next so there is lots of variety. I like that you can be flexible with shifts to a certain extent and the Area Managers are really kind and understanding.


Rhiannon, Melksham

"I would highly recommend being a locum Dental Nurse. I enjoy the challenge of working with different team members and seeing how each practice runs their day to day clinics. No practice is the same and that’s what makes being a locum Dental Nurse interesting . I’ve been a member of the Cavity team for just over a year and I’m loving every minute of it; from the standby days that keep me guessing if I’m going to be called to travelling on the motorway or being stuck on a country road behind a tractor!! It’s the thank yous at the end of the day from both the dental practices and Cavity team that make look forward to my next place of work.

So if your thinking of being a locum then do it and do it with the best team - Cavity. "

Rachel, Wales

"I love working with Cavity because they fulfil my desire to work. I have been working with Cavity for about 17 months and I am really lucky to be part of the team and enjoy working for them. They provide me with flexibility with the hours and days I work, as being a mum of 2 I have childcare restrictions. They also complete my DBS every year free of charge and provide me with free CPD.

Hema, Blandford

"I would refer a friend to Cavity as I think they are very professional and staff are looked after. I really enjoy working as a locum Dental Nurse because I'm gaining more experience within the practices I go to and I feel very appreciated by the dentists. I wish I'd of worked for Cavity sooner, I did enjoy my job in general practice but now I feel even more motivated to fulfil my role! "

Jennifer, Liverpool

"Rebecca (who is always fantastic) worked through her lunch hour yesterday to help me sort through all the surgery and compile a stock order which was incredibly helpful. Above and beyond."

Time for Teeth

"Thank you for getting someone to me today at short notice. And thanks for it being someone so good!

Over the past few months I have had several locum nurses from various sources, and Vanessa was easily one of the best I’ve had. She only needed to be told or shown where something was once and she knew it! Great with the patients, and good company in the surgery.

Gargrave Road Dental Practice

"Please pass on my sincere thanks to the two Cavity nurses who worked with us last week. Both were efficient, confident and friendly - they fitted right into the team for the day! On one day in particular, where we had staff covering different roles due to absence, the calm and “can do” attitude of your nurse made all the difference. Thank you SO much. They were absolute stars! Thank you.

Ashley Dental Limited

"I’ve gained so much experience and knowledge from working in some really fascinating places; from hospitals, orthodontics, MOS, oral cancer unit, specialist implant practice, the MOD and general practice. I’ve met some fantastic people and had a truly wonderful time. One of the things I loved about working for Cavity is that I always felt appreciated and valued."

Claire Austin - Ex-Cavity Nurse

"Thank you for all of your support! I will miss my time at Cavity, it has been such a wonderful experience. All the best to every one. "

Amy Safrany - Ex-Cavity Nurse

"We have used cavity the last two weeks at our practice to cover annual leave... highly recommend, their dental nurses fitted into our practice like they had been with us for years. Thank you.

Frinton Dental Care

"Cavity offer a great service I have called them at 6.50am and 7.30pm and I have had immediate responses as to availability from them. They offer a great service the nurses are always presentable, well trained, reliable and punctual. We have not had any issues with the nurses from Cavity. "

{My Dentist} Cheltenham

"We have been using Cavity for quite a number of years now and always find the dental nurses to be extremely friendly, polite and hard working. Cavity always do their very best to get cover for us, even if it is a last minute booking and we happen to call them at 7 am! Cavity is also our first choice when it comes to courses; we often have at least one of our nurse’s enrolled on one or more of their courses at a time. Cavity are our number one agency to use and it is a relief to know that they are there when we need extra cover. Thank you Cavity!"

Nikki, The Orthodontic Centre

"We have been using Cavity now for nearly a year. There service is great. You complete an online booking form and within 30 mins they email you back with confirmation email. The staff always arrive on time and are very professional. They are available outside of usual office hours and weekend so that's great if you have sickness and trying to find cover!"

Sarah, Pennington Dental

"We have been impressed by the professionalism in which Cavity manage nurse recruitment and the standards they set for themselves and also their nurses."

Matt, {My Dentist}

"Cavity are always very helpful in helping me find a nurse to cover, great service!"

Leanne, Southwood Dental

"We have been using Cavity for several years and have developed a good working relationship. Nurses are always well skilled and supportive in surgery. The team are easy to make bookings with and queries are dealt with promptly."

Ian, Dr A Singh and Associates

"Lovely experienced staff. Great to work with."

Samantha, Primecare

"I have called at 6.30am and got cover for the same day, great service."

Paula, Prospect Street Dental Practice

"Cavity have given invaluable help to me through recent staffing problems following the retirement of my nurse of 22 years standing. The agency nurses whom they've supplied have all been friendly, of a very high standard and easy to work with. I have been amazed how quickly they adjust to strange surroundings.
Through my experience with them I will have no hesitation in using Cavity in the future."

Andrew, Prodent

"Cavity provide superbly trained staff at the drop of a hat. Our staffing problems were seamlessly covered and we never need to cancel a dentists day now."

Aine, The Art of Dentistry

"Cavity are great, they always help if they can and their nurses are very professional, where they can’t help they keep you on a cancellation list and ring you if anything comes up. "

{My Dentist} Luton

"I have always found Cavity very accommodating and always willing to help, even at the last minute."

Ruth, Bell Barn Dental Practice

"We use Cavity every year. Bridge Dental use Cavity because they are reliable, available at short notice and provide us with friendly dental nurses. We find the emailing system of booking/cancelling agency efficient."

Nicole, Bridge Dental Practice

"Very impressed with locum nurse provided for our practice. She was very professional, pleasant and fitted in with our team.
I have found Cavity to be very efficient in finding us a locum nurse. The team there are supportive and have very a professional phone manner. They are always willing to help and go above and beyond!
They come highly recommended!"

Claudette. Appledore Dental Clinic

"The standard of agency nurses that have been sent to our practice have been excellent"

Rachel, City Bridge Dental Care

"Cavity nurses are brilliant. All efficient and experienced , pleasant, and professional and the dentist have been very happy with them."

{My Dentist} Chelmsford

"Always able to help us at short notice. Very nice and professional nurses."

Shelley, Nelson Road Dental

"I deal with Megan- she is efficient, polite and reliable.
The Dental Nurses provided have been to a very high standard. I am delighted we use Cavity."

Marion, Lister Hospital

"Cavity provide well trained staff and will always ensure our requirements for cover are met were ever possible. I would recommend them."

Faye, William Harvey Hospital

"Everyone at Cavity are always very helpful and quick to give you an answer 9/10 they have availability to cover us. The nurses that come are always very good and work well with my team."

{My Dentist} Ashford

"I have used cavity for a number of years and the nurses have proven to be reliable, hard working and work to a very high standard."

Tabitha, Bath Spa Dentistry

"In the last few months we have called on Cavity to supply locum nurses to some of our sites across Kent and Sussex - as a specialist Ortho site knowledge in orthodontics has been paramount. We have had staff available for 99% of our requirements which has been a God send.
Communication has been excellent and quality of nurses has been of a very good standard."

Lisa, Total Orthodontics

"Cavity provide an efficient and friendly service."

Cheryl, Kent Community Health NHS Trust

"Cavity are very good professional and always deliver a high standard of nurse. "

{My Dentist} Banbury

"Please can I take this opportunity to thank your staff for the support they have provided us during our shortfall of nursing cover. The ladies are highly experienced and have hit the ground running, if in the future we run into difficulty we will certainly approach this agency for support."

John Radcliffe Hospital

"We've got a Cavity nurse in today and she just fits right in! It's finally great to know that we have someone like you to fall back on! Keep up the good work."

Birdgate Dental

"I find the nurses at Cavity Dental Staff superb. The nurse I’m working with today is great. "


"Thank you to the ladies that deal with the bookings; I would like to say how easy and efficient the service has been. We’ve had an excellent service and I would not hesitate in recommending you to other practices."

Coronation Road Dental

"I’ll always try Cavity Dental Staff first, as all their girls are lovely, knowledgeable and extremely helpful"


"Thank you for coming to the practice last week to do the fit testing for us. It was a pleasure to meet you. The whole process went really well and it was very professional. Thank you too for leaving the certificates and questionnaires for our records."

Manoj, Camberley

dental dbs check

Do you need a DBS check?

If you need a dental DBS check (previously known as a CRB check) then Cavity can help you! One of our Cavity representatives can visit your practice at a suitable time to complete all the relevant paperwork. These are currently being completed contact free.

The CQC state that all clinical staff working within a dental practice will need to obtain an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check. Cavity are now a DBS umbrella company and are able to carry out DBS checks for individuals, groups and practices.

One of Cavitys’ Managers will visit your practice at a time convenient to you, to finalise the relevant documents. Once this has been done, the completed form will be sent off and you will then receive your DBS certificate directly to you in the post. We can carry out a DBS for the whole of your clinical team or individual staff members.

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