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4th Aug 2023

Losing someone who we have known and cared about affects everyone differently. Grief and how we deal with loss is a unique and individual process.

Knowing where to turn can sometimes make is a less isolating and lonely experience when navigating the loss of someone or something that was so meaningful and important to you.

Knowing that certain feelings and emotions are normal to experience throughout the Grief process, can just help towards not feeling so worried or anxious about there being something wrong when perhaps you are feeling, feelings such as Denial, Anger or Depression, as these are all very normal responses when dealing with the loss of someone or something.

Recognising when you are perhaps not coping or someone you know is not coping, is the first step in perhaps beginning to look and reach out for some support.

Our very own Regional Manager here at Cavity Sarah Mortimer has recently written and published a Book titled “Rosie Robin”. Sarah’s aim was to write a book about overcoming grief and the support of friends being so important especially for children whom it is harder to understand why someone has left.

The Story of Rosie Robin eBook : Mortimer, Sarah: Kindle Store

Grief is not always associated with the loss of a person. Grief can be experienced when a Pet passes away, we could experience a Financial Loss a Relationship Breakdown a Career Loss or even a significant change in our Health which means we can’t perhaps not go about life in the same way as before.

Our resources here look to provide you with a Pathway for support.

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