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World Religion Day

21st Jan 2024
World Religion Day

Sunday 21st January 2024 is World Religion Day and is an opportunity to acknowledge the importance the rich diversity amongst us and the benefits a mutli-cultural community can bring.

It gives us the chance to reflect on values such as mutual respect and tolerance when living in diverse and modern times, allowing us to embrace and understand different views, beliefs and perhaps even learn something a little bit different which could then add value to our own lives or community’s.

It is a very normal response to feel nervous or uncertain or even fear something we don’t understand, however how can we ever change these feelings if we don’t take some form of action? In this instance, if we feel unsure or uncertain about a certain religion or faith, the way to combat that is to learn a little about it.

World Religion Day is a chance for everyone and perhaps those who don’t have a faith, to dedicate a little time to exploring different religions. What they mean to the people who follow them and understanding, that despite differences in religious beliefs, there is always a way for people to work together, collaborate and help and support each other. Ultimately, we are all just human, trying to survive, look after and care for our friends and families and create the best life possible for ourselves and those around us, in the best way we know how.

If we create barriers due to lack of knowledge and understanding, this can be classed as ignorance, and when we are ignorant to something, we are generally dismissing something for no valid reason.

There are approximately 4,200 religions around the world, which is a huge number, how many Religions do you understand?


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