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Meet our Area Manager, Lizzy

25th Apr 2019

Hi, I’m Lizzy and I am an Area Manager at Cavity Dental Staff.

I started working for Cavity in 2014 and became an Area Manager not too long after. I look after the West Country and South West, so my patch is huge!

My Story

I grew up on a dairy farm in Devon with my family and I think it’s safe to say that I am a true Devonian. I just love living here.

I did move away from Devon for a little while when I first started working for Cavity; I was living in Portsmouth then. But when the role came up for a Locum Dental Area Manager in Devon, I was thrilled to be able to go back to my roots. I then purchased my own house, which after many months of sweat, blood and definitely some tears whilst renovating it, I have now decided to rent out!

Growing up, horses were my life, competing around the country on the weekends and even riding with a Union Jack a couple of times. I actually got a riding scholarship which paid for my fees to go to boarding school. Even now I love to be in the saddle.

Before dentistry I worked in hospitality and in a moment of madness passed my HGV Class 2 so that if all else failed, I could go lorry driving!

I was born with a cleft pallet, so I’ve had extensive dental work carried out during my younger years. This is probably what lead to my interest in Dentistry.

I have been a qualified Dental Nurse since January 2011, starting as a trainee in June 2010. Where has that time gone?! I love it though and try to still get as much surgery time in as possible.

Cavity is my official 2nd family, I love working with everyone and although I spend very little time in our head office, I always feel a part of the team when I go up to Reading. Locum nursing as well as being an Area Manager means that every day is a “school day”, and I am always learning new skills.

I passed with distinction a Level 5 work-based diploma in Operations and Departmental Management in 2020. Currently I am working on my PTTLS course.

A Day in the Life of an Area Manager

On a typical day, my alarm will go off at 06:20 so that I can get my laptop switched on and cup of tea in hand ready for the phone to start ringing at 06:30. I spend until 09:00 at my desk before breakfast is definitely on the cards.

I am very split between being at home at my desk, out on the road visiting people or in practice nursing. I have over 70 nurses on my team that I try and visit regularly as well as new staff that we are getting on board.

Sometimes I venture up to Cavity HQ to see Sharon and the Office Team. Since 2020 I have become much more home based, which is great to have scaled back from 750 work miles a week to now doing that in a month!

I live with my Dairy Farmer Partner, Freddie who works very long days so I do try and have a bit of switch off time with him when he is back in the door at 7:30pm. Usually I finish my day at around 10pm by checking last e-mails and messages before heading for that all important beauty sleep!

I think my friends and colleagues would describe me as happy, friendly and always willing to help. I am sure in reality it is something far worse! I know I can definitely be a Diva when I want! They all know that I am always up for any excuse to go out for food or drinks but once it gets to 10pm I am ready for bed!

I think the head office team always have a bit of a giggle as I seem to be a bit of a multi-tasker, often I try and sneak in a ride in the week so they often catch me with horse footfalls in the background or the moo of a cow (or I am having a cuddle from the Cavity favourite cow – Cupcake!)

I hope that Sharon would say that I am dedicated and reliable as well as willing.

Looking for locum work? Lizzy can help!

Lizzy’s aim is to find the best dental locum staff in Devon and to expand her staff network. Trust us, she knows how the process works for dental staff and is more than happy to help you.

If you want to come and join #teamLizzy why not email over your CV 😊