Cavity Dental Staff Blog

Locum Dental Nurse Testimonials

1st Feb 2023

Have you ever thought of becoming an locum dental nurse? Take a look at what our staff have to say.

'I have worked at Cavity for over two years now and it was the best thing I ever did. There's so much variety everyday so I never get bored and love the fact that practices are so happy to see a Cavity locum dental nurse walk through there door. It feels so good to be appreciated. I never thought I'd say I love my job!'

'An amazing company to work for I’m so happy working for them. I have a great boss too, always helpful and very friendly.'

'Great company to work for Lisa my manager is fantastic always there if you need her.'

'The best of the best. Cavity are a great company to work for. The placements are always happy to see a cavity locum dental nurse. Keep calm when a Cavity nurse is on her way!'

'I love, love, love working for Cavity. I have rediscovered my love for nursing and couldn't ask for a more supportive and approachable manager. I recommend Cavity to all my nursey friends.'

'Love working for Cavity really flexible around my university and great support from my manager and I have built great professional working relationships with the dental clients. No days the same with Cavity.'

'I absolutely love working for Cavity. Such a lovely bunch and still so many more to meet! I'm glad I took the plunge, well worth it.'

'It's amazing being a Cavity fairy! I have a very supportive area manager and great team!'

'I started with Cavity in June as I was not in a good place with my career and was wondering if I still wanted to continue with dental nursing.

I am very glad I made the move to work with an agency, Cavity has given me a new lease of life and made me realise that I love being a dental nurse. My placements have been great, you get to meet new people and see how dentistry can be done differently in all areas of work. I have learnt how to do new things such as use amalgam (after 6 years of nursing) and how to cast and trim models. Cavity are a great support network and know I can call up and have a general natter about my day whenever I need to.'

'Been with Cavity for 2 years and absolutely love it! Cavity are very professional. Working as a locum dental nurse has made me a better nurse by being able to work with varied clients and gaining further experience to keep me still learning within dentistry.'

'I've been working for Cavity now for about three months, the experience I've gained is amazing and I've met so many fantastic dentists and nurses. Cavity's locum dental nurses take so much pride in their work and always try to leave a practice better off. Cavity truly has top notch nurses.'

'LOVED working for the agency since March. It's been the best career move I have made. Everyone is so lovely and friendly. I've worked with some amazing practices and people and wouldn't work for any other agency now.'

'I love working for this company I should have made the move sooner.'

Cavity is an amazing company to work for and I'm so happy working for them. I have a great manager who's always helpful and very friendly.

'I'm really enjoying my time with Cavity. My area manager is always at the end of the phone if I need a chat which makes me feel very supported. There is such a variety of work out there and I get to meet new people and expand my knowledge and skills on a daily basis.'

'The best thing about being a locum dental nurse are the appreciation you gain from dentists when you walk in and they realise you are there to help them. Dealing with new daily challenges that you just don't get in general full time practice. Also, the appreciation and recognition from Cavity managers keeps me going through the hard times.'

'I have worked for Cavity Dental since March and have enjoyed every second of it. I love going to lots of amazing and friendly practices and expanding my experience and knowledge whilst receiving great feedback from dentists and patients. My line manager is very supportive and is always at the end of the phone if I ever need her. I couldn't work for any other agency now and would highly recommend Cavity to other dental nurses.'

If you are interested in becoming a locum dental nurse then you can apply by sending over your CV.