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Only lefty dental nurses would understand

11th Aug 2023
left hand holding false teeth

Only lefty dental nurses would understand …

  • Moving the mouse from right hand-side to left hand- side to check notes (dentist looks confused and moves it back)
  • Using your right hand to cut anything with scissors
  • Having a notebook with spirals – eternal evil
  • Pen decals always the wrong way round
  • Mugs with cute prints on right side only, meaning lefties can’t enjoy it.
  • Smudges of ink on paper
  • Measuring endo rulers tend to be upside down
  • Dentist passing instruments back to your right hand
  • Reaching across the whole keypad to select some numbers
  • Working with another left-handed clinician feels like a very clinical claustrophobic cuddle!

What can you do about it?

1. Communication

Let the clinician that you are working with know that you are a lefty so that they are aware of why you would be passing and holding instruments differently.

If you are on a double lefty day (left-handed clinician too) ask them if they would be happy to adjust the dental chair to a left-handed set up, which will help you both work comfortably and prevent both of you squeezing to the left of the patient.

2. Don’t let them assume every lefty is the same

You might know other lefties and through conversations you may have discovered that they may be doing lots more with their left hand or some may only rely on their left hand for a couple of activities. So inform them about this and help them learn about how you operate

3. Spread the word about being a lefty 

Talking about increased awareness and working with left- handed nurses can become easier the more we know about it. If you have some tips on how to work easier with your clinician share them with others too. Help others to also work more efficiently and reduce the awkward encounters that arise from lack of knowledge on how to adapt when working with a lefty.

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