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Unlocking Your Potential: 37 Compelling Reasons Why Dental Nursing Could Be Your Ideal Career Path

5th May 2023

Working as a dental nurse is unlike any other profession. It’s a realm where the mundane becomes fascinating, and the everyday brings forth extraordinary experiences. Dive into our list of 37 reasons to discover whether a career in dental nursing is the perfect fit for you.

Considering a career in dental nursing but unsure where to begin?

locum dental nursing

Look no further than locum dental nursing, a fantastic starting point. Our team of locums has compiled 37 unmistakable signs that you're a dental nurse:

  1. Your home kitchen gleams with clinical precision, complete with designated "contaminated" and "non-contaminated" areas.
  2. Janet's new mobile whitening business on Facebook stirs an unexpected level of irritation.
  3. Pus and sizable abscesses evoke genuine excitement in your professional life.
  4. Bad perio scent? You can detect it from miles away.
  5. Weekly inquiries from friends and family seeking dental advice have become routine.
  6. Your profession prompts strangers to share their dental histories, including Sue's pricey crown down the road.
  7. July 31st's arrival sends a shiver down your spine.
  8. Dating? Teeth inspection precedes any romantic consideration.
  9. The satisfaction of removing calculus, accompanied by the satisfying rattle down the suction tube, is unparalleled.
  10. Glove-wearing is your golden ticket to touching anything.
  11. Surprise! Your washing machine yields gloves (and occasionally a phosphorus plate).
  12. You diligently inspect your partner's, children's, and even your dog's teeth weekly.
  13. Witnessing babies drink juice from bottles induces horror.
  14. Your repertoire includes a perfected fake laugh for the endless dental jokes.
  15. Getting spat on? Just another day at the office.
  16. Phlegm hocking sounds send shivers down your spine, especially during filter clearing.
  17. Saving a patient's tongue from the drill makes you feel like a superhero.
  18. You've mastered the art of sneezing silently and motionlessly.
  19. Overhead light head-bumps are part of your daily routine.
  20. A messy surgical doesn't deter your lunch appetite.
  21. Your toothpaste collection thrives thanks to work's freebies.
  22. Patient: "Are you trying to drown me?" – the classic remark.
  23. Patient bites? Been there, done that.
  24. Electric toothbrushes and floss: standard gifts for family.
  25. July 1st? Dread sets in.
  26. Decon tasks blindfolded? No problem.
  27. Running low on alginate is par for the course.
  28. Emergency appointments can ruin a beautifully packed lunch.
  29. Forget to restock after raiding another surgery? Guilty.
  30. Mind-reading dentists for diagnoses? Just another skill.
  31. Dispelling misconceptions about your role—more than just a cleaner.
  32. Teeth inspection precedes any greeting or kiss.
  33. Judging parents with juice in baby milk bottles? Absolutely.
  34. Toothpaste samples in every handbag? A given.
  35. Sweets? Off-limits for your children.
  36. Manicures are reserved for pre-holiday pampering.
  37. Your manicure is always flawless before a vacation.

These telltale signs might just confirm your calling in dental nursing.

locum dental nursing