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Your guide to enhanced CPD

21st Aug 2018

Your guide to enhanced CPD

Anybody else struggling with the new GDC rules and regs about enhanced CPD?! We have already had some conflicting information with the changes and so we have therefore been on the phone, (for what seems like forever), with a very informative gentleman from the GDC to try and get to the bottom of exactly what we need to do. You can all thank me later.

Cavity Staff will have all received the email that was sent a couple of months ago with the new inserts for your CPD folder. Those of you who have recently started, don’t worry. You will get this at 3 months. Those of you who have been with us longer than 3 months and don't have a CPD folder will need to get onto your Manager and give them a telling off!

For those of you who have finished your 5 year cycle, you should know that all we have to do is 50 hours verifiable enhanced CPD…. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Cavity Training offer you a great variety of dental nurse training courses with your free online CPD account.

For those of you who are in the middle of a 5 year cycle, you will need to follow the instructions below to find out exactly how many hours enhanced verifiable and non-verifiable you need to do. I hate to say it but, yes, you do still need to do NON-verifiable CPD.

Please follow these simple instructions:

  • Log on to the GDC website
  • Click on ENHANCED CPD
  • Click in CPD
  • Click in ENHANCED CPD
  • Watch the video (or ignore it, I did) and scroll below it
  • In blue writing, you will see the words – use our transition tool - you will need to click on that link.
  • Put a tick next to Dental Nurse – press NEXT
  • Put a tick in the year you started your 5 year cycle – this will then advise you as an individual what you must do


You were also sent in the pack something called a “My Field of Practice” sheet – bin it. The GDC no longer want it. They had not heard of it and therefore advised me that as I found it on their website at Christmas it had now been replaced. You must still complete the other 2 log sheets:

  1. Activity Log
  2. Personal Development Plan


I hope this clears things up slightly. Why are things never simple? It would save everybody a lot of time.