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Abseiling for Parkinsons

9th Apr 2018

Abseiling for Parkinsons

Cavity's very own office member Matt is trying to raise money for a cause that is very close to his heart. Read the full story on his JustGiving page by clicking here.

I will be abseiling Guildford Cathedral for Parkinson’s UK on 12th May 2018 to try and help improve the lives of those affected.

This cause is very close to my heart as my Grandad is suffering from this degenerative disease. He still has his sense of humour about him and for that I would like to challenge myself to this abseil, as the disease challenges his life daily. As well as raise funds toward research, a cure and to help those incredible nurses who care for people with Parkinsons in the process.

I caught up with Matt about the event to see how he's feeling:

I am excited about the upcoming challenge but not sure I will be saying that after climbing the 250, I think it was, steps to the top and then looking down on a 160ft drop! My Wife, Mum and Gran will be there supporting me on the day and the rest of my family have all got behind me on the sponsorship front. I am just really hoping it doesn't rain on the day, but who knows with British weather!

My Grandad struggles on a daily basis with this disease as do others affected by Parkinsons and so I really just want to raise awareness and some money towards the charity. I have almost hit my target which I am really pleased about but I want to absolutely smash my target, so any little donation helps. 

I will of course keep you all posted on how Matt gets on in the lead up and on the day itself.