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It is fair to say that approximately 33 million women in the UK will at some stage in their life, experience menopause.

The scale in which someone will experience the Menopause can be described as variable Some women transition smoothly, without any major effects. Others will suffer the most extreme symptoms and because of these symptoms go onto experience the negative and at times debilitating impact Menopause can have on their lives.

Cavity had the fortunate opportunity last year to spend some time talking with Sharon McArthur “Miss Menopause”. This talk highlighted some of the unspoken areas and taboo surrounding Menopause: Follow the link to listen to this talk:

Miss Menopause - Cavity Dental Staff Agency

Many are familiar with the common physical and emotional symptoms of Menopause such as, hot flushes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, low mood and anxiety.

However, there are other areas where women are suffering, which are not as well recognised or spoken about

A women may feel comfortable talking about Night Sweats however can’t find a space as openly to talk about her Vaginal Dryness and Discomfort During Sex or her reduced Sex Drive, which is having an impact on her Relationship, all of which are further symptoms when going through the Menopause.

Problems with Memory and Concentration can also manifest into Women thinking they perhaps have the early onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, when again the reality is this is a normal symptom associated with the Menopause.

Finding a safe space where you can talk openly or accessing information and resources which are available here can be a start in feeling supported and reassured that you are not alone in this.

Resources for Menopausal support

NHS Support
Information on symptoms, treatment and videos of women living with peri menopause and menopause

Perimenopause Support UK
Information for women on what to expect before, during and after menopause

The Menopause Charity
The Menopause Charity works to help everyone understand perimenopause and menopause

Menopause Support
Available 1-2-1 support where you can talk to someone about how you are feeling and what you are going through

Menopause Matters
Information such as blogs and forums you can take part in and ask questions

Menopause Café
At a Menopause Café, people gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss menopause. Places to meet across the UK

British Menopause Society
The BMS educates, informs and guides healthcare professionals on menopause and all aspects of post reproductive health

Holland & Barrett
A free menopause advice line, where you can speak to a qualified menopause nurse. They also have menopause trained H&B experts available, offering you support, advice and guidance on your menopause.