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Keyworkers: Where to find your nearest vaccination site

1st Feb 2021

As we approached the end of 2020, we finally started to hear the word that most of us had been dying to hear since Covid-19 reared its ugly head…

That’s right, the word vaccine not only started getting thrown around, but we saw the first lot of people actually get vaccinated! HALLELUJAH!

The 8th December will be a day that goes down in history as the first ever person received the Covid-19 vaccine, here in the UK. The Cavity team have started receiving their vaccinations far and wide with the first Cavity Tooth Fairy being vaccinated on 7th January.

The industry that we all know, and love seems to be busier than ever and now we have all of our PPE in place it has made us that much more prepared. Of course, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and we too had to fight for PPE. Dental staff and the dental industry have been regarded as Key Workers and so the vaccine is available to all of us that want it.

We thought we would share some very helpful links with you all to help you find your nearest centre.

Where to find your nearest vaccination site:

Swift Queue - Nationwide


East Sussex



Public Health England have also put together this really helpful guide about the vaccine and what you can expect.

Here at Cavity, we have provided all of our staff with a key worker letters so they can contact their GP’s to help them get their vaccine. Ever considered being a locum? Want to know how to become a locum dental nurse? Just one of the many reasons Cavity is the best Locum Agency out there. We may be able to help you too, please click here to get in touch.