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Workplace Pension Update

13th Mar 2018

From 6th April 2018, the total minimum amount being paid into your workplace pension by both you and I, is increasing from 2% to 5% of your qualifying earnings due to a change in workplace pension regulations. This is a nationwide change, involving millions of people and their employers. The good news is,  Cavity are paying 2% of this! It really does pay to invest in your future.

 It pays to put something away for your future now. The maximum basic 'State Pension' is just £159.55 per week and is dependent on your National Insurance record. For most people, this won’t be enough for a comfortable retirement, which is why having personal pension savings is so important. Did you know, you are also able to make voluntary contributions any time you like, if you want to increase your personal pension savings. Simply speak to NOW:Pensions to find out more. Or email Sharon using: