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Valentine’s Day Love

14th Feb 2018

Wow! We are definitely feeling the love here in the office after reading through all of the nominations for our Valentine’s Day competition.

We have had so many nominations and found it impossible to choose 7 winners. As much as we would love to, we can't afford to send flowers to you all but we want to make sure you are all feeling the love... Here are all of the nominations we have had in over the last week. I hope they make you feel warm and fuzzy inside:

Becky - I nominate Natasha from Clifton Moor because she always runs on time and makes me a cuppa!

Megan - I nominate Josh in Cheltenham, for always being a joy to work with as he is always cheerful and enthusiastic. Very good with patients, giving them the best care and knowing where everything is kept and helping you to get it.

Kat - I nominate Violeta in Eastbourne, for being the most easy going and kindest person to work with, and for attempting to get my teeth straight. Thank you for everything.

Manni - I nominate Shay! She really makes my days when I am at this practice. She keeps the team moving and laughing even though they are low on staff. She does everything around the practice. She has a great rapport with the patients...I constantly hear her laughing next door!

Jill - I nominate Lucy in Skipton, she has always made me feel so welcome and is very loyal to Cavity.

Helen - I nominate Leona in Winchester, she is a lovely Dentist to work with and makes every day so enjoyable. Her sense of humour is amazing, she never runs late, really involves her Nurse in treatment and is always appreciative.

Courtney - I nominate Anita in Walsall, my reason is because she’s a lovely person and very helpful dentist when working with her.

Anita - I nominate Sarah in Manchester the reason being, she is such a genuinely nice person, always thankful and puts you at ease.

Cesca - Jane in Bristol because she’s great.

Laura - I nominate my manager Abbie, I know that’s not a client but I've been ill this week and she’s been super sweet and understanding and not once made me feel bad about it.

Vanessa - I nominate the whole team in Shepton Mallet everyone is amazing, happy and super funny and always loads of naughty snacks in the staff room! And they work amazing as a team.

Jenna - I nominate Jason in Bournemouth. Jason is my Valentine because he never fails to make me laugh, his face would be a picture if he received these flowers AND he’s promised me dinner if we win.

Hajra - I nominate Joanne in Cleveleys; she is the sweetest, most down-to-earth and kindest dentist I have ever nursed for. She is so appreciative in every little way. She was so thankful to have worked with Cavity nurses in her first days of starting in a new practice! She was just fab!

Paige - I nominate Yoga in Kidlington. He is a top Dentist and so loving towards nurses and patients! Always welcomed with a big hug. I also nominate, Meenie in Stratford-Upon-Avon. A 'new love' for me but such a caring lady I cannot wait to be paired with her again! And lastly, Steve & the team in Milton Keynes, I always get excited when I have this on my rota, the whole team is fab. They work so well together and are very welcoming and let us get on with it and trust us wholely! Much love to all!!!

Carmelita - I nominate the whole team in Chippenham. They are all such a wonderful team I wouldn't be able to choose one. They are always so welcoming, and understand the true meaning of team work. Never have I been there where they don't all contribute to end of day procedures. They are a lovely bunch of people.

Lolly - I have two nominations,  Shea in Walsall for always having the surgery ready for me and being cheerfully helpful generally. And secondly, Cavity's own Clare who helped me out brilliantly on my first week back after appendix-gate when I was miserably full of cold!

Vicky - I would like to nominate Cavity's Sonia, she is so polite and helpful, such fun to work with and made me feel very welcomed into the Cavity team. I always look forward to working with her.

Indre - I nominate Medeea in Ashbourne. She is the nicest and kindest dentist I have ever worked with.

Georgina - I nominate Winnie in Epsom. She’s always so helpful to me & everyone at the practice. Every time I work there I’m always asking her where extra stock is, to help me with x-rays etc and she’s always running up and down the stairs for everyone but she never moans! She always does my bins for me at the end of everyday and sets up my suction solution for me.

Kate - I nominate Faith from Bury St Edmunds, she is a really great, she holds the fort well  and she always has the staffs best interest in her heart.

Helen - I nominate Melt from Yeovil, they are a lovely friendly small team always happy to see me and make me feel as though I'm part of their team. He has a great sense of humour and can have some laughs at work making the day more enjoyable. The practice is always a delight to work in because it is so efficiently run and organised, never run out of stock or materials in surgery. They help each other with daily duties such as cleaning, decon and instruments etc it's a team effort. He has let me go home slightly early if I had a rush to go get my children out of day care and traffic is bad and he did the clean down for me. They are my favourites!

Laura - I nominate Sarah in Cardiff. She always welcomes me with a friendly greeting of how happy she is to see me when I arrive. I have worked at this practice on several occasions now and Sarah as well as the rest of the team always treat me as ‘one of the team’ and always make me feel appreciated and happy to be there. Sarah always makes sure I have everything I need and will assist me with any queries I may have as to where things are. Sarah is fantastic at her job and is amazing at looking after her staff, albeit employed or agency staff! :)

Sonia - I nominate Jodie in Sheerness. It's very hard to just pick one person, they all make me feel welcome, and part of their team, Jodie is great always helpful, helps when running late, asking if I need any decon doing, helping me find stock, at the end of the day helping with cleaning up, surgery shut down, she is a bit stressed at the moment as she is moving house and still has time to stay behind to help out.  We all help each other.

Hema - I nominate Dee from Salisbury. I've nominated her as my valentine because whenever I go to her practice, she's delighted, encouraging, welcoming and energetic that makes my day bright and beautiful. I love to go to her practice because of her and the lovely people that work in her practice.

Sarah - I nominate Chloe from Salisbury. She always goes out of her way to help me out, lab work etc and bends over backwards every time I have a query. She is always smiling even when things are going wrong and is so approachable. I feel very much part of the team when I’m around her. I think she needs to know somebody appreciates her.

Andrea - I nominate Bianca from Chalfont St Giles. Always made me feel part of their team. Has always been fair and caring, went out of her way to include me in team meetings and ideas. Copes really well with problems. Doesn't take her problems out on the team. A wonderful lady to work with.

Melissa - I nominate Karen from Horfield,  I had only just started with cavity and was still nervous. The first time I went to the practice it felt like a maze, Karen was so helpful and kind to me and made me feel at ease. She always stays late and goes in on her day off. She isn't appreciated as much as she should be.

Lydia - I nominate Dora from Devizes! She has always made me feel welcome and we look after each other.  My fav to work with, always a pleasure!

Amy - I nominate Josh in Cheltenham. Through all the stress of the practice being taken over he has managed to stay positive and sane throughout! Not only has he always had a smile on his face he has also been very supportive of Cavity nurses if they aren’t sure of anything! He is such a lovely, friendly guy who deserves to have some recognition.

Natalie - I nominate Uzma from Bridport. She's really nice to work with, always in a good mood and helps as much as possible! An all round great Dentist and woman!

Danielle - I nominate Lindsey from Consett. She is the most lovely woman I have ever met. She is so helpful in the practice when I have worked there many a time (one of my favourite practices to work).

Amy - I nominate Ms Chen from Romford. I have spent a lot of time working with Ms Chen and any day that I see this practice on my rota, I really look forward to going to work because she is so lovely to work with. She has been working extremely hard and flat out and she is so professional, kind and a great orthodontist.

Shannon - I nominate Marwa in Cannock, she's the most kind, genuine person I have EVER met in my entire life! The patient's absolutely adore her, I've had the pleasure of working with her a couple of times and she deserves to be recognised for being such a caring and loving soul 🙂 I've never felt so appreciated by anyone more than I do her when I work with her.

Lily - I nominate Sophie from Bristol they have been really lovely to work with, and very helpful.

Jodie - I would like to nominate  Linda and Tracey from Birmingham. They always bring me tea at work when they think I need it and have biscuits ready for when I'm back.

Manuela - I would like to nominate Alison from Hay on Wye. She is the most wonderful person and always there if you need help or advise. She is so lovely and caring, always fun and easy to talk to.

Josey - I nominate Alex and the practice in Wimborne. All the staff are very welcoming and friendly here , I have been here in the past but last Friday I worked here and had lovely stress free day working with the Dentist and the staff here. Alex is great, introduced me to the Dentist I was working with, had prepped the forms for me, gave me a demo on how to process radiographs with their machine.

Tracey - I nominate two amazing people,  Ali from Southwell; such a lovely, helpful, friendly person it seems any practice that has one of these amazing people never fully appreciates them. The other is,  Aimee from Melton Mowbray, she has to be the most helpful person ever! And always smiling and keeping people’s spirits up when their day is hard.

Abi - I nominate James in Penzance. Really lovely dentist eg- we had a nervous patient and after an hour of smooth talking and reassurance we took her tooth out.  James was great.

Rosanna - I nominate the girls at Head Office! If it wasn’t for them and the rest of the Cavity team I’d be a nurse with out a surgery, a nurse with a spatula but no alginate to mix and a nurse holding a suction tube with no saliva to suck ! The list can go on and on! If not the Cavity team, I’d love to nominate the whole team at a practice in Bath. They're always so upbeat and positive, smiley and the nurses always lend a hand even when they're rushed off their feet themselves!

Danie - I nominate Leann from Derby. She always makes sure she requests me for every booking & makes me a cup of coffee every morning! She’s one of the most polite receptionists I’ve ever met, both to patients and to staff. There’s never a dull moment when she is there, as her smile brightens up the room and she makes me laugh every day.

Megan - I nominate Janine in Head Office, reasons being, she is just so dedicated and always has time for everybody. Nothing is ever too much to ask or too little to ask she just gets straight on with it no questions asked. She is always really busy and feels the pressure especially when Sharon is off but you would never know it! She always does such a good job. There are endless reasons as to why Janine should be nominated 😊

Personally my favourite has to be the Cavity nomination, I wonder why? Who will be lucky enough to win one of those 7 bouquets? If you do not receive one from us then I hope you have somebody at home who is planning on spoiling you on the special day. Or if you're a non celebrator I hope you enjoy some well deserved praise and don't find the day too soppy! After all, Valentines Day is the day of love no matter the relationship.

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