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What are your patients searching for on Google?

6th Jun 2017

The top dental related search on Google is of course the hot topic of teeth whitening!

Last month in the UK, teeth whitening was searched for over 90,000 times! So, what can you do with this information? Talk to your patients about it! Also make sure you have your teeth whitening price advertised on your website or somewhere in your waiting room for everybody to see. You could even do a special offer or do a competition on social media to generate more interest.

Here is what else people searched for on Google last month:

  • Emergency Dentist - 60,500 searches
  • NHS Dentist - 40,500 searches
  • Teeth Whitening Kit - 33,100 searches
  • Veneers - 33,100 searches
  • Crown - 33,100 searches
  • Braces - 27,100 searches


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