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Do you need a DBS Check?

23rd Mar 2021

Did you know that Cavity are a DBS umbrella company? We’ve actually been an umbrella company since 7th October 2014!

And in that time, we have done roughly 31,000 applications!

Now I know that you’re impressed 😉

After the year that was 2020, we looked at improving and enhancing the services that we offer. One of those included the launch of contact free DBS checks using biometric verification – fancy eh?! This proved a huge success!

The process really is simple:

  • Download the Cavity App (android & apple).
  • Complete all fields on the application
  • Upload and verify your documents
  • We then do everything at HQ to get your DBS sent off and your new DBS issued.

Along with all of that, we have launched a brand-new website specifically for DBS checks.

  • You can complete your DBS online here
  • Book for one of our Cavity representatives to come in house and complete them (this will be done in a Covid secure way).
  • Find out more about document verification
  • Questions? We have lots of FAQ’s with answers!

If you have any other questions, we would love for you to get in touch with Shelley by clicking here. And likewise if you’ve used this service before we would love your feedback! You can send it to us via email here, or on Google here.