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Nafeesa- Dental Volunteer

16th Feb 2017

We are very proud to hear that one of our Cavity dental nurses Nafeesa has selflessly volunteered to help the Health Point Foundation in Greece! We want to help spread the word for Nafeesa and help her raise some money. Here is what Nafeesa has to say:

‘My name is Nafeesa and I’ve been working as a Cavity dental nurse for a few months now. I became a dental nurse volunteer for the Health Point Foundation because I’ve always wanted to help those that have come upon hard times and are less fortunate than myself. I can do this by firstly volunteering and secondly raising funds. As a dental nurse I see how dental issues can cause extreme pain and misery in patients; for refugees, getting treatment is extremely difficult and they are left living with the pain. These people are not just adults but young children too.

A dentist in Halifax introduced me to the fantastic work that the Health Point Foundation carry out. They have set up static dental units in the Diavata refugee camp to provide emergency care to Iranian, Afghan and Syrian refugees. This is the base camp and they also have mobile units which travel out to further camps.

On Friday 7th April I will be leaving for Thessaloniki in Northern Greece and I will be there for 1 week. There I will be part of a dental team that will treat adults and children with severe dental pain as well as dental and oral infection.

I’m trying to raise money for the foundation as there is a great need for dental supplies, rental vehicles for mobile facilities and support for dental nursing volunteers. All the money I raise will go to the Dental Health Point Foundation.

I’ve been struggling to raise funds for this cause, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to anyone who has donated and everybody who is continuing to donate.’

Nafeesa would be grateful for any donation that you could provide, whether it be just £1 or more, every little helps. You can donate here:

We are wishing Nafeesa the best of luck and look forward to hearing about her travels.

More information for The Health Point Foundation can be found on their website:

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