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Interview with a Locum Dentist: The front row seat

1st Mar 2022

We recently sat down with Sabrin and she has told us everything there is to know about being a Locum Dentist.

How do you become a Locum Dentist?

You can either choose to look for locum roles online on the various dental recruitment agencies - however it can be difficult doing it this way. The best thing, which worked for me, was joining with Cavity. This was recommended to me by a friend, I found them to be very professional and straightforward to use. I initially had a brief interview with them where they got to know me better and know what it was I was looking for. They then explained to me how the process works and from there they sent me any locum roles that fit my criteria.

I would definitely recommend them as the first place to go for anyone considering doing locuming. They are quick to reply to messages and have a fun community of Dentists/Dental Therapists and Nurses.

What steps do you take to sort your tax and NI as a locum?

I personally have an accountant to do this for me, who I find is great in telling me how much tax I need to pay each year. However, I do know a lot of colleagues who also choose to calculate this themselves.

How do you decide what your hourly rate should be?

I think this should be based on:

  • How many years experience the clinician has.
  • What they can bring to the practice they are working at.
  • Hours they will be working.
  • Average locuming rates at the time and average locuming rates in the area worked at.

How do you decide what your expenses should be and how do you factor this into the hourly rate?

Again I had to consider all the factors discussed above as well as the commute etc.

How do you get contacted for a job through an Agency?

Through email, usually by the National Field Manager as this is my preferred method for being contacted. But there is also an online forum on slack that posts any other roles that may be available so I keep an eye on here too.

What do clients expect from you as a locum?

As with any NHS/private locum role as a Nurse, Hygienist or Dentist I think the most important thing from a locum is:

  • To maintain professionalism throughout
  • Be on time for your job
  • Be organised
  • Be a good team player
  • Be empathetic to patient’s, listen to them etc

What does your average day look like?

Routine exams, NP exams, urgent and non urgent assessments, routine dental treatments etc. Each day is varied and differs from the next, you get a good variety of treating a range of patients which I enjoy.

Why did you want to become a Locum?

I enjoy the flexibility the job has to offer and enjoy the aspect of being able to meet new people and visit different practices and places.

Three things you enjoy the most about being a locum?

  1. More flexibility with working days
  2. Get to meet a lot of new people
  3. Get to work in different places