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Dry January

2nd Jan 2024
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As we approach the end of another year and the festive period comes to an end, it can be a time where people may feel they have over indulged or drunk more then they normally would. This is commonly the time of year when people are also thinking what resolutions they can make for the New Year.

Since 2013 one that you've probably heard of and has grown in popularity since it started is Dry January.

Dry January is a campaign run by alcohol change UK which means going alcohol free for the whole month. Taking a 31-day break from the booze has been proven to have its benefits. 

Dry January is considered the perfect way to start the New Year. People who have taken part previously have gone on to see a whole host of obvious benefits. 

You will notice: 

  • Your skin gets brighter 
  • You have more money 
  • Your mind becomes calmer 
  • You wake up feeling refreshed 

Not only will you notice the benefits, but having a month alcohol free also has a lot of benefits on the inside which cannot be seen.  

Research has shown that's a month off the alcohol: 

  • Lowers blood pressure 
  • Lowest cholesterol 
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes 
  • Reduces levels of cancer related proteins in the blood 

So, can cutting out alcohol for a month really make a difference once dry January is over? 

Well, it can and one of the benefits of dry January is it helps people to drink more healthily all year round. Research has shown that six months after taking part in dry January more than 70% of people are still drinking more healthily, have boosted levels of well-being and much more. 

Also, by staying alcohol free for 31 days it shows that you don't need alcohol to have fun or to relax or to socialise. 

It can also help to learn the skills needed to manage drinking, which that means for the rest of the year you are able to make better decisions about when you drink and how much so you can avoid having more than you really want to. 

Alcohol is linked with more than 60 health conditions including high blood pressure, liver disease, depression, and seven types of cancer. Reducing your alcohol intake long term will also reduce your risk of developing these conditions. 

Alcohol is the biggest risk factor for death, ill health, and disability for people aged 15 to 49 in the UK. 

If you are still unsure if you want to give Dry January a try? 

Here are a few more reasons based on previous participants experiences: 

  • 86% of participants saved money  
  • 70% of the participants had better sleep 
  • 66% of participants had more energy 
  • 65% of participants notice generally improved health 

As previously mentioned, Dry January is in association with alcohol change UK and they have put together your dry tools to help you succeed. 

Those who download the Try Dry App are twice as likely to have a totally alcohol-free month compared to those who try to avoid alcohol and go at it on their own. 

You can also sign up for daily emails and get Dry January straight to your inbox. 

If Dry January is something you have done before, and you are going to be taking part again, you will be getting prepared to make you start on the 1st of January.   

If you are considering doing it for the first time, there are different ways you can get involved: 

  • It could be that you do it for yourself as a personal journey.  
  • You could agree to do it with friends and family and offer each other the support and encouragement. 
  • You may choose to sign up to do it for charity.

Every day in the UK people are impacted and the reality is that people die as a result of alcohol. Fundraising for Dry January will not only do amazing things for you by taking part, but it can do amazing things for others too with the money that is collectively raised.   

To sign up for Dry January or for more information visit:  


Cavity have produced an Alcohol Support Resource within their Health & Wellbeing Resource Hub for anyone who is perhaps struggling with their own relationship with Alcohol or is supporting somebody else. Click on the link below to access further information: 

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