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11th Feb 2021

We are extremely proud to announce our new partnership with Dentaid-charity. Our nurse, Sonia was the first to fly the Cavity flag with them. She gave us all the inside info of her experience:


Today was interesting, I was booked to go to Napier barracks to work with the Dentaid Dental team. Not knowing what to expect I left home 7:30 and arrived at 9:15; I approached the barracks and had to be let in by one of the guards. The dental van was packed very well with all your possible dental needs, dental chair, x-ray etc you get the gist! I entered the patients details onto the computer, filled out the paper charting and the treatment was later on put onto the computer by the Dentist. A lovely Dentist I must say called Natalie, who brought with her two pairs of scrub trousers and no scrub top! Luckily, I had two scrub tops and one pair of trousers, so at least we made a good team. Once treatment was completed I gave each patient a toothbrush and some toothpaste and some surgical face masks.

I must say it was very cold in the van with the door keep opening and closing and not much heating. I was glad there was plenty of tea and coffee supplied to keep us warm! We saw 10 patients, some had translator's with them, others we used the good old Google for pictures and translation. A good day's treatment was provided and the patients were very happy :)