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Pregnancy and Baby Loss

11th Oct 2023
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The grief that engulfs someone following the loss of a baby, whether during pregnancy, childbirth, or shortly after, is deeply personal. It's a pain that remains often indescribable and its depth known only to those who've endured it.

For many, the wave of emotions that accompany such a loss can be overwhelming – whether it's the result of a miscarriage, a stillbirth, a neonatal death, or a medical termination. Every emotion, whether it's anger, sadness, guilt, confusion, or even numbness, is valid. And it's essential to understand that there's no universally 'correct' way to grieve.

In the UK, 1 in 4 individuals experience pregnancy or baby loss. This staggering statistic highlights that many navigate this heartbreaking journey in silence. In a world where others celebrate pregnancies and childbirth, those grieving can often feel isolated.

It's in these times of intense personal grief that support becomes invaluable. Surrounding oneself with understanding, empathy, and informed guidance can make the healing journey a little less harrowing. The importance of self-care and seeking external help cannot be stressed enough.

While personal grief has its unique path, there are several organisations dedicated to providing support and understanding during such challenging times.

Support Here:

Tommy's - Baby Loss Awareness Week

An organisation that is promoting Baby Loss Awareness Week. They provide a plethora of resources and advice for those going through this traumatic experience.


Sands - Supporting Bereaved Families 

Provides unwavering support to bereaved families.


Petals - Baby Loss Charity

 A charity specifically focused on offering counselling and support in the UK for those who have experienced baby loss. 


The Lullaby Trust - Bereavment Support

Offers bereavement support following the death of a baby or child. 


The Miscarriage Association - Pregnancy Loss Support for mothers and fathers 

Offers support and information for those who've experienced pregnancy loss. They also have dedicated resources for men, acknowledging that fathers, too, grieve deeply. 


Tommy's - Support for Dads and Partners

Resources for partners that undergo profound grief.


Tommy’s - How to stop pregnancy ads following you after a loss 

Support for those who've faced the experience of being targeted with pregnancy ads after a loss.