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4th Aug 2023

Worrying about money right now is a common practice, whilst we make our way through the cost-of-living crisis.

Recognising the impact worrying about money can have on our overall Health and Wellbeing is important to be mindful of.

It could be that you have never suffered from Anxiety or Depression before, however as Money Worries build and build, you may recognise yourself not feeling the same as before, you could be experiencing symptoms such as increased low mood, difficulty sleeping which could then include oversleeping in the morning if you have had a restless night, appetite and weight changes and restlessness and irritability to name a few of the most common symptoms associated with Money and Debt worries

Sometimes it can feel like we are stuck and there is nothing around us that can help, we can assume that is the case and just carry on, however, to truly know if that is the case, we need to take the steps that are available and give those platforms a chance to help and guide us, and go from there.

We have provided some support links where you can reach out and see if there is something that could just help you at this time, sometimes even a small change or piece of information can help make like that little bit easier

If Money Worries and Debt are causing other Issues such as Sleep, Anxiety or Alcohol issues, please refer to our other available support resources.

Finance and Debt Resources

General Financial Support

Citizens Advice – Debt and Money Advice – Help for Households

Turn2us – Fighting UK Poverty / Support for people in financial need

Money Helper – Free guidance and support


Debt Advice & Support

Step Change – Debt Charity

National Debtline

Debt Advice Foundation – Specialist debt charity offering free advice


Money & Mental Health

Mind – Money & Mental Health

Mental Health & Money Advice

Mental Health UK – Support & services

Rethink Mental Illness – Money, benefits and mental health