General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Free CPD for Dental Nurses

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018 and all businesses must comply.

By the end of this FREE CPD course you will gain an understanding of your legal obligations and what GDPR means to you. Your certificate will be with you within ten working days.

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Thanks for choosing Cavity Dental Staff and our GDPR course. This course will provide you with 1 hour of verifiable CPD and should take no longer than an hour to complete.

Please click below to download the presentation and once you have read through and understood the material you will then be able to continue to the questionnaire.

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All questions are multiple choice. You will need to achieve 100% to pass this course, any incorrect answers will be flagged in red for you. You can have as many attempts as you wish.

1. What does GDPR stand for?
2. If a company breaches GDPR how much will it cost the company in fines?
3. What Year was the Data Protection Act passed in Parliament?
4. True or False. When we use our computers it is advisable, we have Anti-Virus software installed?
5. In January 2019 a company leaked 108 million personal information. What type of company was this from?
6. In 2019, 617 million online account details were stolen from where?
7. Out of 46% of businesses identifying breaches in one week in 2020 what was the percentage rise in this one week compared to 2017?
8. What does ICO stand for?
9. True of false. You must inform the ICO of any breaches of GDPR with 62 hours.
10. Who within a Dental Practice can fulfil the role of Data Controller Officer?
11. Who out of the following would you not have as a Data Processor?
12. A patient attends the practice for a regular check-up appointment and needs to be referred to another practice for specialist treatment. Which of the following is correct in this scenario?
13. Does the patient have a right to access their patient records?
14. According to the GDPR what is the response time for patients requesting access to their records?
15. A patient requests a copy of their latest radiographs. They are charged a nominal fee for these by the dentist. Is this correct?
16. Each individual has a right to the following except 1. Which out of the following is incorrect?
17. Personal data for children should be kept for how long?
18. True or False. If a staff member fails to report they have breached GDPR, they could find themselves in serious trouble resulting in disciplinary and dismissal procedures.

Congratulations on successfully completing this course. A copy of your certificate will be emailed to you in the next 5 working days.

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