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Websites Dental Nurses MUST know about..

15th Sep 2023
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We have compiled all the must know dental websites and put links to them all in one place for you!

British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN)

BADN provides information, support and advice to dental nurses. They also provide professional indemnity, CPD courses and a journal packed with informative material on the latest dental news and trends. It is an excellent resource for trainees as well as any other dental nurses at any stages in their career.

General Dental Council (GDC)

GDC is the professional body that regulates dental professionals. They protect patients and ensure that registrants are complaint and safe to practice. This is achieved through following the GDC’s standards and maintain continuing professional development. Plenty of useful information can be found on their website about Standards and Enhanced CPD.

Oral health foundation

An excellent resource aimed at providing information on how to improve the oral health of patients through various means, including campaigns, written and video resources. Dental nurses can enrich their knowledge and use in their daily work by increasing awareness of oral health. Their scope is wide as patients can also learn about all aspects of oral health and dental procedures by reading on the website.

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP)

SDCEP is a highly recognised organisation that provides evidence-based guidance on the management of various dental conditions. Dental nurse can take advantage by reading their resources to increase their awareness and thereby better support the clinician and the patient during dental visits.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

NICE is a world-renowned organisation which offers guidance and recommendations on various medical and dental topics. Dental nurses can use their guidelines for oral health promotion and understanding of important topics like antimicrobial resistance, implants, or caring for people in the wider community.

Dentistry News

This website is where you will find the latest news on dentistry. Topic includes anything from latest technological enhancements, trends and issues in dentistry, personal stories of fellow colleagues sharing important experiences.

Back Care

This organisation has it all when it comes down to looking after your back. It has useful information on prevention, information of various back conditions, treatments and links to the appropriate practitioners. Information sheets and articles on the websites can help dental nurses learn about the subject and increase awareness at work.