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Struggling with a bad back?

12th Sep 2019

As Dental Nurses, we are prone to struggling with our backs over time due to the nature of our jobs.

You are not alone!

We have been in talks with Daryl Browne, who has an MSc in Exercise Science, and comes with over 15 years’ experience.

He passionately believes in addressing posture imbalances and core stability and has helped numerous individuals recover from poor shoulder, hip and core stability as well as generally bad posture.

Find out more about Daryl Browne and the research he has done by clicking here.

As with most industries, people tend to spend hours in fixed positions within the workplace, and dentistry is no different. Working within dentistry can equate to lots of sitting, leaning forwards with added rotation (usually in the same direction everyday) and working predominantly only through one side of the body. Unfortunately, for some, this can lead to muscular imbalances which can cause MSK pain.

Daryl Browne has written a book  '21 Days to Perfect Posturewhich aims to provide a simple and effective framework to address these imbalances by strengthening and stretching appropriate muscles (lower back, shoulders, glutes and stomach) that create pain associated with these fixed positions within dentistry and the workplace.

You can purchase 21 Days to Perfect Posture by clicking Buy Now and if you work for Cavity Dental Staff Agency then you are entitled to a 50% off discount code!! Your Area Manager will be able to provide you with details of this. Or feel free to get in touch with the Office. Email the Office.