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National Work-Life Week 2020

13th Oct 2020

National Work Life Week” is recognised from Monday 12th to Friday 16th October this year and here at Cavity, we want to pay particular focus on it.

 Our Head of Health and Wellbeing, Claire shares her thoughts:

A good work-life balance plays a huge role in looking after and managing our own personal wellbeing.

Flexible working policies and practices within a company are part of creating a culture that listens and respects an individual’s personal circumstances and can therefore work with the individual in creating a working pattern that provides a positive work-life balance.

It is essential to have good communication pathways and practices which create the opportunity for these individual working patterns to be reviewed frequently, as life changes and it is essential that these changes are communicated and  understood and the right adjustments are made to offer the best working arrangements for the individual.

At Cavity we offer work-life balance, alongside offering a platform that supports the physical and mental health of all our employees within the workplace, through our Health & Wellbeing platform.

Cavity can support individuals who wish to combine working and studying. We also support individuals who are working as carers and would like to work just a couple of days a week not only for the money but to feel part of a wider team in the profession they perhaps can’t be available for fulltime for anymore. There are many reasons as to why flexible working is needed and Cavity recognises and supports this fully.

Flexible Working is sometimes just about looking after yourself. Making time for activities that stimulate the brain and relax the body and time for self-care and compassion.

We all need to be Healthy & Happy at work and with the right support this can happen. Communication really is at the heart of making this happen.

Our locum dental nurse, Helen shares her story about how Cavity have helped her:

"I left Cavity (seemed like a good idea at the time). 7 months later I asked to come back. I was welcomed with open arms, it was as if I'd never been away! I have so much support from Cavity, everyone I speak to about working for us is in awe of how well we are treated. When I came back I had struggled with Mental Health problems (I worked for someone not very nice), however I had regular phone calls from Clare the Health and Wellbeing lady, thanks to her, and the kindness of my other colleagues, I am back on track, I'm back to my usual bouncy, happy, enthusiastic self!!

I cannot speak highly enough of Cavity, the work and effort put in by Sharon and her incredible team is second to none!

A truly unique company.

I'm a very happy fairy!"



Join us in promoting National Work-Life week and creating a company culture in your business or working environment that cares.