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GDC changes to your CPD

9th Apr 2018

As you know (I hope you do), the 'Enhanced CPD' scheme is starting for Dental Nurses in August. You can read more information about this on the GDC website by clicking here.

In summary, the new 'Enhanced CPD' is easier and is based around core subjects and personal development plans. If you are at the end of your 5 year cycle you will be automatically put onto the new system and will only be required to do 50 hours verifiable CPD. If you have not completed your 5 year cycle then when you register your hours in your ARF account, the GDC will inform you personally what you need to do.

Because we look after our staff, we have re-organised your CPD folders to accommodate these changes. We are also in the process of setting something up alongside your online CPD accounts (activated after a full three months of employment) where your certificates are generated and saved.

If you need any help or advice regarding the new rules then contact your Area Manager, they will hopefully be able to explain all of this to you.

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