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Make patients feel appreciated this Valentines

7th Feb 2020

For Valentine’s Day, why not show your patients how much you and the staff at your Dental Practice appreciate them?

A heart-shaped box of sugary chocolates will give them cavities, but there are plenty of other ways to show your patients the love that won’t put their dental health at risk. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hand out goodie bags.

Of course, you don't want to distribute sugary sweets, but why not make up little goodie bags with toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash and sugarless gum? Include some premiums like refrigerator magnets or pens with your practice’s name on them. Our clients particularly like post it notes! Everyone enjoys getting a free gift, and it's a fun way to demonstrate to patients that you value their business.

Give little gifts.

A £5 or £10 Costa card doesn't cost much and makes a big impression. Get a bunch of Valentine's Day cards — the inexpensive kind that children hand out at school — and put a gift card in each one. It's a cute way to make your patients smile on Valentine's Day and keep them thinking of your practice later on when they use their gift card.

Hold a contest and give away a big prize, to one lucky patient.

Cut out a bunch of paper hearts, then have patients put their name and contact information on a heart and drop it in a fishbowl after their appointment. Keep the contest going through February and draw the winner’s name at the end of the month. Send patients on your email list an email to let them know about the contest.

Don't forget the children.

Your littlest dental patients deserve some love, too. Buy some pink and red helium balloons to hand out to your young patients after their appointments. Parents will appreciate the thoughtfulness just as much as their children will.

Decorate for Valentine's Day.

Make your waiting room festive with Valentine’s Day streamers, confetti, decorations and signage. Put up a banner that says, "We love our patients!" or "We love to see you smile!" You can get lots of creative ideas for Valentine’s Day decorations on Pinterest. Have fun with it!

And lastly, show your appreciation on Social Media.

Take photos of your dental and front desk staff dressed in red for Valentine's Day and holding a sign that says We Love Our Patients. Shoot a quick video of the team singing a silly song or wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day. When each patient comes in for their appointment on Valentine's Day, ask if you can take their photo with the staff and post it on social media.

Most importantly, after Valentine's Day is over, don't forget to keep showing your patients love all year long.

And let’s not forget to show our hardworking staff how much we appreciate them too! Teamwork really does make the dream work. Here at Cavity we are going to have a ‘Wall of Love’. We are sending our Valentines appreciation messages which are going to be displayed proudly for all to see. We will be choosing two winners based on the appreciation messages, one Cavity staff member and one Cavity client. So, don’t forget to send those nominations in to us.

Happy Month of Love.