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Has Enhanced CPD Benefited Dental Nurses?

20th Jun 2019

Last year, the GDC introduced enhanced CPD so that we can get the maximum benefit from our training and CPD activities.

We had our core topics which we needed to complete. These kept us up to date with Safeguarding, Medical Emergencies and Cross Infection just to name a few, and these did benefit us and our patients.

But there has been a change…

The GDC have now stated that they want our CPD to be meaningful to our individual role as a Dental Care Professional. In order to do this well, we should have a Personal Development Plan (PDP). OK, this seems fair enough right?

In simple terms if you’re a Dental Nurse working in a practice with a Head Dental Nurse and a Practice Manager, is a CPD course on Team Management relevant to your specific role and PDP? No, of course not.