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Common Misconceptions about Locum Dental Nursing

5th Feb 2024
Misconceptions about Locum Dental Nursing

Repeatedly, we encounter misconceptions surrounding locum dental nursing. We’ve gathered the most prevalent ones and are here to debunk them with the truth.

Dental locums aren't informed of their work assignments in advance

Contrary to popular belief! For both the sake of our company and our fantastic team of nurses, organisation is paramount. We dispatch rotas every Friday, outlining where our nurses will be stationed each day of the following week. Additionally, we provide information on nearby parking and public transport options for those commuting. Although circumstances may change, such as cancellations or rearrangements, our team ensures that you're notified the day before.

The notion that locum nursing is exhausting due to constantly changing environments

This isn't entirely accurate. Despite each workplace being unique, dentistry maintains standardised procedures to uphold patient safety. As a result, you can navigate any setting confidently, armed with the knowledge of a dental nurse's role. Upon arrival at each practice, you'll receive a brief induction and have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Many locum nurses find the variety of workplaces exhilarating rather than tiring.

Locum nurses can’t take holidays because they aren’t paid for time off

Contrary to popular belief, locum nurses can indeed take holidays, albeit unpaid. Their higher salary compensates for this, allowing them to save for vacations in advance. Additionally, the flexibility of locum work enables nurses to plan their schedules around planned time off.

The misconception that locum nurses must travel extensively for work

Unfounded. At Cavity, nurses have full control over their preferred work radius. Upon joining, they specify their preferred postcode areas or travel distances, which we take into account when making bookings. This ensures that assignments align with their preferences and circumstances.

Locum nurses do not have opportunity for professional development

Locum nursing offers ample opportunities for professional development, despite common misconceptions. The diverse range of assignments allows nurses to gain experience in various settings and pursue their interests. From hospitals to community clinics, our nurses have the chance to broaden their skillset and specialise in different areas of dentistry.

Being a locum  is unstable and unreliable

Contrary to popular belief, locum work is not unstable or unreliable. With a shortage of dental nurses, locum companies are busier than ever, ensuring regular work for our nurses. Many of our nurses have been with us for several years, attesting to the stability and reliability of locum nursing.

Being a locum nurse is such a lonely job

Far from being a solitary role, locum nursing fosters social connections. Our nurses work alongside new colleagues daily and stay in touch through our work app. Additionally, our Regional Managers provide support and communication, ensuring that no nurse feels isolated.

Locum work is for those that can’t find a permanent position

Lastly, the notion that locum work is a last resort for those unable to secure permanent positions is outdated. Many nurses choose locum work for its flexibility, diverse experiences, and competitive salaries. It's a deliberate choice that aligns with their lifestyle and career goals.