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You know you’re a dental nurse when….

Being a dental nurse is like no other job. You can get excited about the weirdest things and experience some unique stuff! Take a look at these hilarious 'you know when you're a dental nurse when...' moments below.


1. You clean your kitchen at home to a clinical level. Not only is your sink sparkling but you also have 'contaminated' and 'non contaminated' areas too!

2. You get irate when your old friend Janet is advertising her new mobile whitening business on Facebook.

3. You get excited about seeing pus and a huge juicy abbess can be the highlight of your year!

4. You can smell bad perio from a mile away!

5. You get weekly messages from friends and family members asking for dental advice.

6. And when new people find out you're a dental nurse you have to hear about their whole dental history and how much their mate Sue from down the road had to pay for a new crown!

7. You hate it when 31st July starts to come round.

8. You won't date anyone until you've seen their teeth first.

9. There's nothing you find more satisfying than cleaning off a build up of calculus and hearing the chucks rattle down the suction tube.

10. You can't tell your left from your right.

11. You can touch anything as long as you have gloves on!

12. When you get your washing out the machine and a pair of gloves fall out. (and if you're really unlucky, a phosphorus plate...oops!)

13. You check your partners, children's and even the dogs teeth weekly!

14. You're horrified when you see babies drinking juice from a bottle.

15. You have nailed your fake laugh for when patients make the same old jokes. You: 'Any allergies?' Patient: 'No just the Dentist'.

16. You're used to getting spat on.

17. The sound of hocking up phlegm gives you the shivers....and clearing it out of the filter is vile.

18. You feel like a superhero when you've saved a patients tongue from the drill.

19. You can sneeze silently and without moving your head.

20. Getting hit on the head with the overhead light is a daily occurrence.

21. You do a messy surgical just before lunch but it doesn't put you off your food.


I hope you've enjoyed this blog post and if you have anything to add to this then please let us know.

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