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10 Gifts to Buy Your Dentist

Has your dentist got a birthday coming up soon? Are they going off on retirement? Do you have the best boss and want to buy them a present to show your appreciation? Take a look below at our awesome dentist gift ideas.

1. This car sticker, although it may cause some road rage!

2. This cool molar mug for their morning coffee.

3. These novelty tooth earrings.

4. This denture ice cube tray, perfect for the gin and tonic lovers!

5. This tooth laptop decal for the tech lovers.

6. This cookie jar for the dentist with a sweet tooth.

7. This novelty shot glass for the fun loving dentist who parties at the weekend!

8. This cool phone case for the no1 dentist in the world!

9. These cute little wine glass charms for all the wine loving dentists out there.

10. This awesome personalised coaster.

If you have any more dentist gift ideas then we would love to hear your suggestions! Next to come will be present ideas for nurses, hygienists and receptionists.

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