How to become a Locum Dental Nurse

Do you ever have that fed up feeling where you don’t want to get out of bed to go to work?

Fed up at work - become a locum dental nurse

Have you ever considered becoming a locum dental nurse?

With a different place to visit each day and new people to see that fed up feeling will be a thing of the past.

Locums often go in and save the day and so there is no greater feeling of appreciation. And did I mention that agencies pay more than dental practices?

Jaky’s story:

My journey with Cavity started when I asked to go part time at my previous practice. I had just got married and was planning to start a family and wanted to cut down a bit. But I was denied of this simple request and told full time or nothing and so I started looking for other options and discovered Cavity. Before I knew it, I had an interview with Sharon who bought me a coffee in the pub next to where I worked. We chatted, exchanged paperwork and I joined the team! Here I am 10 years later!


Jaky, locum dental nurse


How do you become a locum dental nurse?

It’s easy. Send us a copy of your CV by clicking here and we will then be in touch to arrange an interview with you!

We’ll let you know what you need to bring with you and will arrange a place local to you to meet up and have a chat about locum life. See? It’s simple!


Locum dental nurse feedback


What does a day in the life of a locum really look like?

7.30am: Leave the house for work (time varies depending on where you are working that day).

8.45am: I’m at the practice. I go in and cheerily introduce myself by name to the receptionist who shows me round the practice. I familiarise myself with today’s day list, the drawers and equipment, Decon room and where the essential stock is.

9.00am: The dentist has now arrived and seems lovely! I call the patient in and off we go!

13.00pm: Lunchtime (I normally bring my lunch just in case there isn’t a shop nearby!).

14.00pm: Back to work!

17.10pm: The final patient has left the surgery so it’s time to clean down.

17.30pm: The receptionist signs my timesheet and it’s time for me to go home.

18.30pm: I am home and my rota has now been emailed to me I text my manager and confirm receipt. I can see where I’m going next week. (Sometimes it may change, but you always get notice if this happens)


Locum dental nurse, Cavity Dental Staff


As the UK’s largest locum dental nurse agency, we have 8 area managers that go out daily to meet clients and staff, a growing team in our head office; consisting of a bookings, accounts, compliance, marketing, recruitment, administration, and the management team, which makes up 25 people collectively!

Why become a locum dental nurse with Cavity Dental Staff?

  • We pay travel expenses that reward staff for going the extra mile
  • Provide Annual CPD to ensure all certificates are kept up to date
  • A transparent pay scale, offering very competitive rates of pay
  • And much more.

Read more about joining our team!

Become a locum dental nurse with Cavity Dental Staff

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